Vanua Lava, the Sulfur River.

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During a trek in November 2017, Thomas Boyer was able to observe the Sulfur River on the island of Vanua Lava.

Opposite, our route to this river.

We are accompanied by local guides who know the place very well.

The rains, very strong and abundant the day before, had forbidden us access because the rivers were in flood and their crossing uncertain.

The Sulfur River,
The flow of this river is particularly important and impressive with very hot water.

Thanks to our thermal imaging camera, we have been able to measure temperatures above 60 ° C and above 80 ° C for some emission points.

Our guides, accompanied by their dog, drove us all the way through the Sulfur River.

The dogs had a hard time following us and only a very small one managed to follow us all along.

The thermal camera makes it possible to measure the temperature of the water of this river all along its course.

It can be observed that this temperature often exceeds 60 ° C.

At some sources, up to 80 ° C

Our route, along the Sulfur River, leads us to this active area rich in fumaroles.

There are many similarities between this area and the previous one explored at the beginning of your stay on Vanua Lava.

(Vanua Lava, exploration of an active area in November 2017.)

Here again, gaseous emissions give rise to these structures of sulfur.

Sulfur crystallizes along guts such as that held by Thomas in the picture above.

Outside this casing crystallization can be in the form of needles or coarser concretions.

The gases leaving the duct can be very hot as shown in the thermal photo above.

These gases consist essentially of water vapor and little sulfur gas.

These videos allow to realize the heat of this river and the difficulties that represent its exploration.

We especially thank Walter who made us discover all these wonders during our stay in Vanua Lava.



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