Traitor’s Head

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Traitor's Head:

Traitor's Head Volcano is located east of Erromango Island on the Peninsula of the same name, 4 km east of the Ipota Airfield.

Three well-conserved volcanic cones of the Holocene are observed on this peninsula. These stratovolcans, basaltic to andesitic, are aligned northeast with:


Mount Rantop (837 m) is the largest.
Mont Oulenou (421 m) is the youngest of the cones and contains a well preserved crater.

The island of Erromango is interesting because of its young age. It represents an early stage of the growth of the arch of the island which was connected to Erromango after the volcanic phase, by the uprising of the region.


An eruption of Traitor's Head occurred off the NE coast of Erromango Island in 1881. The submarine eruption was located between Goat Island (5 km offshore) and the peninsula .

Three earthquakes of magnitude 4.7 occurred near the volcano Traitor's Head in 2013. They took place 14 km south on 12 January, 22 km SW on 21 February and 33 km SE on 25 February.
(Smithsonian Institu - John Seach)

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