Mota Lava

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Mota Lava:

Mota Lava is the third largest of the Banks Islands, and has an area of 33 km².

This island is elongated along a NE-SO axis corresponding to the intensely eroded volcanic chains.

It is composed of at least five basaltic stratovolcans of the Pleistocene and surmounted by two well-preserved pyroclastic cones from the lower Pleistocene to the Holocene. These are the Tuntog and Vetman summits.

Tuntog (243 m) is a pyroclastic composite cone at the SW end of the island with a crater at its 500 m wide top.

Vetman (387m), in the center of the island, is a pyroclastic cone truncated by a broken crater to the south.

Moltav, 411 m above sea level, is the rest of an ancient volcanism lined up along the central ridge of the island 12 km long and NE-SW axis.

Other summits of the island are, Atug (cone of 207 m), Timbeg (cone of 373 m), Wingol (stratovolcano of 411 m).

The last eruptions date back 300,000 years.
(Smithsonian Institu - John Seach)

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