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Hunter Island:

This island, also known as Fearm Island, is claimed by France and Vanuatu. The same is true for Matthew Island, a few miles from each other.


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It is an islet, a kilometer wide, formed of an andesitic to dacitic volcanic cone surmounted by a crater of explosion as well as a dome of lava.

It is the largest volcano in the SE of the Vanuatu Arch. The highest point of the island is 280 m.

A crater 100 m in diameter, with very steep walls, occupies the northern part of the island and a cone in the southern part is filled with a lava dome.

On the coast N-E and S-E there are areas of fumaroles and solfatares.

During the 19th century, several eruptions took place but poorly listed.

Large lava flows were emitted from two craters on the east coast of the island in 1895.

The last eruption is located on the northern tip of the island.

Confirmed eruptions occurred in 1835, 15 March 1841, 24 November 1895 on the east coast and 1903 at the northern tip.
(Smithsonian Institu - John Seach)

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