Gaua, Mont Garet.

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Mont Garet Gaua.

During a three-day trek on Gaua, we could observe Mount Garet, Letas Lake and the volcanic activity present.

Zone déboisée sur Gaua.
Zone déboisée sur Gaua.

We arrive in the caldera occupied by Lake Letas and discover the leeward areas very deforested by the gases that escape from the active crater.

The vegetation is put to the test by the gases of the active crater, which, under the effect of the prevailing winds, poison the trees and shrubs that are wasting away. Only the meadow is resistant enough to remain green.

Zone active de solfatares sur Gaua.

We are heading towards this area with fumaroles. The vegetation is very dense and the progression difficult.

Zone active de solfatares sur Gaua.
Zone active de solfatares, Gaua.
Zone active de solfatares sur Gaua.

We discover a large active area with many fumaroles and solfatares.

The area of ​​solfatare occupies the bed of a small stream that flows towards Lake Letas.

Many gaseous releases escape in the middle of the flowing water.

A pool of steaming mud whose temperature is around 80 ° C.

Gaua, Mont Garet, zone déboisée.

We resume our progress on the slopes of Mont Garet.

We can observe deforestation due to degassing of the active cone. All the area under the dominant wind is deforested, the trees die out.

Mont garet, ancien cratère.

At the summit of Mont Garet, we discover an ancient active crater that is filled gradually with ashes expelled by the active cone further east.

Zone de dégazage dans le lac Letas.
Mont Garet, cratère actif.

We are at the foot of the active crater and the view of Lake Letas shows an important degassing in the waters that are tinged with yellow and ocher. Water at this level has become toxic.

Remote from the active crater, we can observe the important degassing.

The edge of this crater is very degraded and we will not be able to approach to observe the bottom, the very thick smoke forbid any direct observation. We will not hear any explosion during the short stay on its slopes.



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