Fissure eruption in the caldera of Ambrym in February March 2015

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In February and March 2015, an eruptive fissure opened in the caldera of Ambrym.

During our trip in November 2016, we were able to return to the scene of this fissure eruption.

The island of Ambrym is traversed by a fault system oriented Northwest-South East. These faults traverse the caldera through the active cones of the Benbow and the marum.

In February-March 2015, the eruptive fissure opened at the foot of the Marum.

We ask our local guide, Bong, to tell us the hours lived by the population.

Numerous and strong earthquakes had panicked the population just before the eruption. Then the sky already reddened by the lakes of Benbow and Marum is even more
The eruption was in full swing and numerous explosions were heard throughout the island of Ambrym. The population was terrorized.
Porters who crossed the caldera say they fled running even through the forest to the nearest village.

This eruption lasted a few days, just before Cyclone Pam, which devastated Vanuatu in March 2015.

Approach to the eruptive zone.

Approach to the fissural zone. We are south of the Marum.

A part of the fault presents whitish deposits due to fumaroles.

During our approach to the eruptive zone, we can observe many impacts of volcanic bombs as well as zones of deposits due to fumaroles.

Impacts of volcanic bombs.

Impacts of volcanic bombs during our approach to the eruptive zone.


Numerous cracks line the slopes and areas bleached by volcanic gases.

From the eruptive fault, view of the corresponding lava flow.
Positionnés sur l'arrête de la faille, vue sur le chaos post éruption.
Au niveau de la fissure, ne reste qu'un amoncellemnt de blocs et scorie
Vue des zones sur-chauffées par les fumerolles.



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