The Project Haos Blong Volkeno:

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Haos Blong Volkeno is an association whose goal is to make volcanoes in Vanuatu known by creating a house of volcanoes in Port Vila, to transmit the current knowledge in volcanology and Finally, to promote the Earth sciences by making them accessible to all.



The future house of volcanoes will present to the public the different volcanic environments of the Vanuatu archipelago as well as various aspects of general volcanology with the help of posters, photographs, films, models and scientific games.

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The volcano house also has a reading area with a library and a souvenir shop.

Soon, there will be more screens, photos and volcanic videos, models, but also the opportunity to visit the volcanoes sitting comfortably in an armchair!

Monélise Lawac


Docteur en pharmacie Biologiste Médical

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