Tim blong HVB

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Légende 8
Thomas Boyer:
President of the association Haos Blong Volkeno, Thomas is a volcanologist and travels as far as possible to the volcanoes of the globe.
He is on all fronts to coordinate, animate and support this association as well as the House of the Volcanoes.


Monélise Lawac

Monélise Lawac:
Monélise has no active volcanoes on her native island. She fell in love with volcanoes and worked as a guide in the museum. She also takes care of the administrative and her smile will illuminate your day.

Philip Yamha

Philip Yamha:
On the flanks of the Yasur volcano since his childhood, Philip is a volcano enthusiast and is a guide for the Haos Blong Volkeno Museum. He will make you share his passion with enthusiasm!

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