The wishes of the president

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Thomas BOYER,

President of Haos Blong Volkeno Inc.

Bonne et heureuse Année 2018

Happy New Year 2018

Hapi Niu Yia


2017, a busy year!


On January 14, the Lopevi erupts and the alert level drops to 2.
(post on this eruption)
A new eruption begins at the end of September.
At the end of 2017, the level of alert remains at level 2.

Vanuatu, Ambrym, Marum Mbwelesu, Alerte niveau 3 le 22 sept 2017

On August 30th, the Ambrym Volcanic Complex passes from Alert Level 2 to 3.
A small eruption is in progress until early December when the alert level will drop to 2.

Vanuatu, Ambae, Aboa, Manaro Voui, eruption Sept 25 2017

At the beginning of September the Ambae island knows an important eruptive episode. The alert level goes from 2 to 3, then from 3 to 4 at the end of September.
The population will be entirely evacuated because of ash fallout and toxic volcanic gases.
Then the activity decreases at the beginning of October at level 3 then goes to 2 at the beginning of December.

Légende 3

The Port Vila Museum is equipped with a video projector to project documentaries for visitors who can view them comfortably in a sofa.
A showcase to expose rocks and minerals is installed in our room.

Bombes volcaniques.

Thomas Boyer completes his Vanuatu volcanic rock collection from his various travels to exhibit in Port Vila.
Recently, it is rocks of Ureparapara that he brought back to the Museum.

2018, a year full of projects !

Drone d'exploration.

The acquisition of a drone by the Museum will allow the exploration of inaccessible areas on foot and to get closer to dangerous eruptive zones to follow the evolution of volcanic activity.

Nos guides et porteurs au Vanuatu.

Thomas will intervene in the formation of the volcanological guides of Vanuatu.
This will provide guides to the essential elements of safety on volcanic buildings when accompanying groups of tourists.

Expédition avec la photographe Ulla Lohmann.

Some expeditions are planned for this new year. They will allow us to discover or deepen our knowledge of volcanoes in Vanuatu.


And as always, we will try to observe the next eruptions on the Vanuatu Islands. 

 Aenean justo sed id massa ipsum leo vel,