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Matthew Island is located at the southeast end of the volcanic quaternary range of the New Hebrides volcanic arc.

This island, like that of Hunter, is claimed by France and Vanuatu.

Matthew and Hunter Islands are located a few dozen kilometers from each other.


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The island is located midway between an intra-ocean subduction zone (Loyalty Islands / New Hebrides arch) and the expanding active ride (North Fiji Basin Ridge).

The island is made up of two andesitic to dacitic craters, to the east and west, separated by a narrow isthmus.

The confirmed eruptions have all occurred at the level of the western crater.

Matthew Est is a half-destroyed composite volcanic cone composed of at least three superimposed lava flows with a central column. It has an altitude of 142 m. Only this part of the island existed at the time of its discovery in 1788.

Matthew West is a roughly circular volcano composed of numerous lava flows and at an altitude of 177 m. Its cone, broken to the northwest, is filled with lava over 20 m. This crater is formed after the 1940s due to intense seismic activity.
(Smithsonian Institu - John Seach)

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