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Located in the Pacific Ocean, 540 kilometers northeast of New Caledonia, Vanuatu is made up of 81 islands.

The land of the archipelago covers about 12 000 km2 and extends along a north-north-west-south-south-east axis for about 1,300 km.

The three largest islands of the archipelago are Espiritu Santo (3,956 km²), Malekula (2,041 km²) and Efate (900 km²).

The islands have a tropical or subtropical climate, are of volcanic and mountainous origin except Aniwa, in the South and the atoll of Rowa, in the Banks islands, in the North

(See maps below).


Here is a list of the Vanuatu Islands, by geographical location, from North to South, excluding islands and islets.

NameGroup (near island)ProvinceAreaPop. (2009)
AkhambNord, MalekulaMalampa646
AmbrymNordMalampa6787 275
ArseoNord, MalekulaMalampa0
AtchinNord, MalekulaMalampa738
AvockNord, MalekulaMalampa241
KhotiNord, MalekulaMalampa14
MalekulaNordMalampa2 04122 934
MaskelynesNord, MalekulaMalampa1022
NorsupNord, MalekulaMalampa88
PaamaNordMalampa32,31 627
RanoNord, MalekulaMalampa304
TommanNord, MalekulaMalampa253
UriNord, MalekulaMalampa28
UripivNord, MalekulaMalampa384
VaoNord, MalekulaMalampa898
WalaNord, MalekulaMalampa270
AmbaeNordPenama60810 407
MaewoNordPenama2693 569
PentecôteNordPenama49016 843
AeseNord, Espiritu SantoSanma0
AoreNord, Espiritu SantoSanma57,6556
ArakiNord, Espiritu SantoSanma2,5140
BokissaNord, Espiritu SantoSanma56
Espiritu SantoNordSanma3955,539 606
MaloNord, Espiritu SantoSanma1804 273
MaveaNord, Espiritu SantoSanma4,7207
TangoaNord, Espiritu SantoSanma394
TutubaNord, Espiritu SantoSanma609
UlilapoNord, Espiritu SantoSanma0
UrelapaNord, Espiritu SantoSanma0
BuningaCentral, Îles ShepherdShéfa144
ÉfatéCentralShéfa90065 829
Emae (Île de Mai)Central, Îles ShepherdShéfa32750
EmaoCentral, ÉfatéShéfa602
EpiCentralShéfa4445 207
IfiraCentral, ÉfatéShéfa811
IririkiCentral, ÉfatéShéfa
LamenCentral, EpiShéfa440
LelepaCentral, ÉfatéShéfa1,6387
MakuraCentral, Îles ShepherdShéfa106
MatasoCentral, Îles ShepherdShéfa74
MosoCentral, ÉfatéShéfa237
NamukaCentral, EpiShéfa0
NgunaCentral, ÉfatéShéfa24,51 255
PeleCentral, ÉfatéShéfa321
TongarikiCentral, Îles ShepherdShéfa267
Tongoa (Kueae)Central, Îles ShepherdShéfa422 300
ErromangoMéridionalTaféa8881 950
Île Hunter3MéridionalTaféa0,60
Île Matthew3MéridionalTaféa0,70
TannaMéridionalTaféa55028 799
Gaua (Santa Maria)Îles BanksTorba328,22 491
Hiw (Hiu)Îles TorresTorba51260
Kwakea (Pakea, Qakea)Îles BanksTorba26
LinuaÎles TorresTorba0
Lo (Loh)Îles TorresTorba14,1210
Mere LavaÎles BanksTorba18647
MerigÎles BanksTorba0,512
MetomaÎles TorresTorba313
MotaÎles BanksTorba9,5683
Mota Lava (Saddle Island)Îles BanksTorba241 451
Ngwēl (Nmwel)Îles TorresTorba0
RahÎles BanksTorba0,5189
Reef Islands (Îles Enwut ou Rowa)Îles BanksTorba20
TeguaÎles TorresTorba30,858
TogaÎles TorresTorba18,8276
UreparaparaÎles BanksTorba39437
Vanua LavaÎles BanksTorba334,32 597
Vot Tande (Vétaounde)Îles BanksTorba0,240
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