Éruption du Lopevi

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Lopevi zone éruptive de janvier 2017

Rupture in progress on January 14, 2017.

According to informants on the spot (Paama), the visible activity of the volcano is limited for the moment to a white plume, sometimes gray, of moderate development.

At the end of November 2016, during an expedition, we observed at the base of the southeast summit cone, the recently "grilled" vegetation and a fairly intense smoldering activity.

Adventive cone northwest.

Cône adventif nord-ouest.
Activité volcanique dans le cône nord-ouest.

Fumololles in the northwest adventitious crater show a magmatic rise.

The thermal camera reveals fractures where the volcanic gases rise.

Lopevi, zone active.
Activité fumerollienne sur les flancs du cône principal sud-est.

At the level of the collar between the main south-east crater and the northwestern adventive cone, intense smoking activity.

Vegetation burned by gaseous releases.

Lopevi, végétation brûlée par les émanations gazeuses.

The Lopevi seen from the beach descending from the summit.


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