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The island of Aneityum, also known as Anatom or Anetchom, has an oval shape of about 17 × 12 km for an area of 159.2 km² and is less than 70 km SE of the island of Tanna. It is the southernmost island of Vanuatu.

In 2009, it was populated by 915 inhabitants.

The island is made up of two volcanic cones, Mount Indéro (852 m, west) and Nanawarez (804 m, to the east).

The Aneityum consists of two predominantly basaltic volcanoes of the Pleistocene.

The north-western side of Innerow Atamwan volcano and the SE side of Nanawarez volcano are truncated by large erosional circuses.

The volcanic activity of this island ceased in the late Pleistocene - Holocene (Carney and Macfarlane, 1979).

Elements suggest a cataclysmic eruption of IEV> = 4 years ago. (Smithsonian Institution)

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