Ambrym volcano alert bulletin No 11 on 13th October 2017

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Ambrym volcano alert bulletin No 11 on 13th October 2017

The level of alert remains at level 3, that is to say a minor eruption but little evolve at any time towards a more sustained eruption or towards a lull of the volcanic activity.

The hazards are located at hazardous areas A and B, about 2 km from Benbow and 3 km from Marum.

Observation flights were carried out on 24 and 30 September and on 1th and 6 October. Seismic data confirm that volcanic activity is limited to caldera.

Full information is available on the VMGD website.

On the island of Ambrym, the Maben Mbwelesu smokes enormously.

The monitoring instruments record a very strong seismic background noise for the moment, without eruption in the active craters of Marum.

Some photos taken by Thomas BOYER where one can see this strong release of smoke.

For all information, this reporter to the site of the Geohards of Vanuatu..

Maben Mbwelesu on Ambrym (09.22.17)

The island of Ambrym is on alert level 3


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